The Short:
Pure. Refreshing. Bold

All Natural ingredients. Breathtakingly refreshing scent. Powerful results.

The Long:
Down to the Nitty Gritty.

Mad Growth was born and raised in Atlanta, GA & got its name when our Founder wanted to create a brand that solidified what she wanted for herself. Mad Growth, literally. Mad Growth's Founder, Monica, was born and raised in New York, hence the "MAD Growth" name. (New Yorkers have a tendency to put "Mad" before anything to add emphasis. But I digress.)


Short and sweet, right to the point, concise, and no nonsense. All things that so purely describe the products in which are created to provide MAD GROWTH. Formulated with the utmost respect for our customers, Mad Growth's product line was crafted with meticulously selected ingredients along with extensive research on essential oils and their individual benefits for hair growth. A few of the faves that made the cut for a majority of the products are:



Scientific Name: (Ricinus communis)

Pressed from Castor Beans, this vegetable oil is rich in Monosaturated Fatty Acid. This oil is a very widely used humectant, AKA a great moisturizer. Humectants, like Castor Oil, work wonders as they lubricate the hair shaft which increases flexibility and decreases breakage.



Scientific Name: (Tocopheryl acetate)

Contrary to popular belief, Vitamin E Oil is not one single vitamin, but a mixture of many fat soluble vitamins with Antioxidant effects.This oil has the ability to stimulate capillary growth in your scalp, which of course is beneficial in hair growth. The Antioxidants reportedly provide a boost in hair elasticity and shine.



Scientific Name: (Persea americana)

Extremely rich in Oleic Acid & Monosaturated Fatty Acid, this oil is amazing at penetrating the hair shaft and moisturizing it. Similar to Castor Oil, this oil is also great at preventing breakage and increasing flexibility. This, in turn, promotes Mad Growth!


Mad Growth dedicates each purchase to each and every little girl in the world who dreams of owning their own company one day.

" It's not IF we can do it, It's HOW we Will get it done!"



Come Through, Growth! 💪🏾