Mad Growth Serum

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She didn't come to play any games! Weighing in at 2 oz, packed with all natural oils such as Castor, Grapeseed and black seed, Growth and strength is all she knows. She just hopes you're ready.


For Oily Scalps, use between 2-3 times a week. A little will go a long way!

For Dry Scalps, use as much as needed while massaging scalp to ensure maximum absorption.

Please read ingredient list carefully to ensure you do not have allergies to any of the oils.


Black Seed Oil, Black Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Abyssinia Oil, Avocado Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Thyme Oil, Ylang Oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance.


Pregnant or nursing women should consult their doctor before using products with essential oils. If unsure if you are allergic to the aforementioned essential oils, please perform a skin patch test before use or consult with a doctor.

Please use within 6 months of opening and store away from heat sources.