Express Yourself with Mad Growth’s Beard Balm

Beards. They’re something, aren’t they?

I mean it. Throughout human history, for as long as historians have any record, styling one’s beard has been a common way to express yourself and your sense of fashion. Fads would come and go and change from city to city much like trends in clothing, hairstyle, makeup, jewelry, and more. Beards were special, though, because, for much of human history, it was the only culturally acceptable way for men to show off their unique style.

Both then and now, beards were also a powerful way to send a message. Think of the famous goatee of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, or the stereotypical “sleazy guy” in 1950’s Hollywood that always had a thin, greasy mustache. From 1860-1916, men were even required to have either bushy mustaches or full beards, depending on their rank, both to project masculinity and let the “grunts” know who was in charge.

Today, beards and mustaches are optional of course, and it’s much less taboo for cis men to express a desire to care about how they look.

So, if you want to take your beard to the next level, check out Mad Growth’s Beard Balm!

Our beard balm does everything: prevents breakage, softens the hair at its roots, and keeps it smelling fresh with three unique scents: Coco Mango’d, Egyptian’d, and Pear’d.

So, how does it work? Our primary ingredient, shea butter, is the main factor here. Shea butter is a common moisturizer, and for good reason. It’s one of the best ingredients we have at our disposal to soften skin and hair. It’s something called a “emollient,” which is a fancy way of saying it works on the molecular level to both hydrate the skin and reduce any inflammation. By applying our beard balm directly on your beard, the shea butter strengthens its roots--the skin the hair grows out of--which results in better, stronger hair growing out of it. Shea butter is also an antioxidant, which prevents what hair is already there from growing brittle and breaking.

The other main ingredient, the beeswax, works in tandem with the shea butter to hydrate, but it also has the added benefit of locking the balm in place. Beeswax is strong and sticks to the skin--not enough that you (or anyone else) would notice, but enough to keep the shea butter in there long enough for the skin to absorb it.

So, if you love your beard, why not give it a little love back?

Come Through, Growth!

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